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  • 14 September, 2021
  • Dallas Akins

PC-66L/H Adult Spot-Checking Sensor #09: For those who are looking to check on their SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Perfusion Index intermittently - the Sensor #09 would be the most useful. This sensor is constructed for spot-check monitoring for adults aged 18 and older. The sensor uses state of the art infrared light to penetrate the skin and count oxygenated blood cells. Be sure to avoid using this sensor on damaged skin to allow for the most accurate results. This sensor is included with your purchase of one of our PC-66L/H devices. The PC-66L pulse oximeter is rechargeable and recommended for at home use, in a continuous monitoring capacity, while the PC-66H oximeter is battery operated and better suited for spot checking in a professional healthcare setting.

PC-66L/H Adult Continuous Sensor #84: For those that wish to monitor their SpO2 levels overnight, the Sensor #84 is a great option. This sensor incorporates a non-adhesive rubber sleeve that slips over the user’s finger that allows for comfort while still giving precise readings. It is also designed to be used continuously, so you can sleep knowing that you are being given consistent, accurate reading throughout the night. This sensor is sold separately and is compatible with both the PC-66H and PC-66L.

PC-66L/H Children’s Continuous Sensor #75: For parents of children with Asthma, COPD, or other similar chronic respiratory conditions that require continuous monitoring, the Sensor #75 is a perfect fit. This children’s sensor is designed for continuous, overnight monitoring, so you can sleep comfortably knowing your child’s SpO2 levels, Pulse Rate, and Perfusion index are constantly being monitored. This sensor features a non-adhesive tip that easily slides over your child’s finger. It is designed for children ages 4-12 or between 33-88 lbs. This sensor is sold separately and is compatible with both the PC-66H and PC-66L pulse oximeters. 

PC-66L/H Infant Monitoring Sensor #72: A new parent wanting to be sure their newborn or toddler was getting enough oxygen would benefit from the Sensor #72. This sensor is specifically designed for infants and toddlers under 25 pounds and up to 18 months of age. The sensor is built for continuous monitoring and its foot wrap design, ensures infant comfort and accuracy. This sensor is sold separately and is compatible with both the PC-66H and PC-66L series of devices.

PC-66H/L Infant Monitoring Sensor #15: Parents with a need for a child sensor that enables them to take quick and on the go oxygen saturation measurements, would enjoy the Sensor #15. This sensor is ideal for those between 33-88 lbs. The sensor  uses low infrared light to penetrate the skin and counts the number of oxygenated blood cells in a user’s veins. The sensor incorporates a clip design that easily attaches to the user’s finger, so it is best to avoid damaged skin. This sensor would be a great addition to the PC-66H device and is also compatible with both the PC-66H and PC-66L series of oximeters.

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