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Guide to Purchasing Pulse Oximeters | CMI Health

  • 01 November, 2021
  • Dallas Akins

Guide to Purchasing a Pulse Oximeter Infographic - CMI Health

How do you intend to use your Pulse Oximeter?

Whether you are an athlete, have chronic respiratory conditions, are recovering from COVID-19, or are using a pulse oximeter for overnight monitoring, it is good to know which pulse oximeter suits your needs!

Continuous-use or Spot Checking

Continuous Use Monitors: Suggested for those who intend to use the device for long periods of time or overnight.

Spot Checking Monitors: Great for on-the-go or periodic SpO2 and pulse rate measurements.

Sensors Designed for You

Age and weight can make a huge impact on the sensor you chose.

Infant: Under 18 Months, Under 25 lbs

Pediatric: 18 months & older, 33 - 88 lbs

Adult: 12 years or older, 88 lbs and up

Battery Operated Vs Rechargeable Oximeters

If you are planning on using your monitor continuously, a rechargeable monitor is better suited for your lifestyle. Battery operated models are better suited for spot-checking purposes or for those who do not have access to charging stations.

Fingertip vs Handheld

Fingertip Monitors are designed exclusively for spot-checking and are great for on-the-go measurements!

CMI Health Handheld pulse oximeters can be used for spot-checking and continuous, overnight monitoring.

Using Pulse Oximeters for Overnight Monitoring

Continuous-Use Pulse Oximeters are necessary for overnight monitoring. Those with COPD, sleep apnea, heart conditions, or other health concerns may find that overnight monitoring is useful for tracking health issues.

FDA Clearance

FDA clearance means the device is upheld by a set of accuracy standards determined by the FDA. For a device to be FDA cleared, it must be able to read within 2-3% of arterial blood gas values. Uncertified products may have a higher variation in accuracy. Interested in learning more? Click here to view the importance of purchasing quality pulse oximeters. 


Pulse oximeters vary extensively in their pricing. Though professional devices often cost thousands, affordable options are available. Finding price effective at-home monitors can be an easy task, especially if they are covered by FSA and HSA spending money.

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