OxyKnight® Watch App Overview

OxyKnight Watch Pulse Oximetry Mobile App

The CMI Health OxyKnight® Watch App turns any mobile device into a health portal – giving user’s immediate access to their personal sleep quality, pulse rate, and oxygen level data. CMI Health’s OxyKnight® Watch pairs with a user’s mobile device via Bluetooth, in order to rapidly transmits a user’s health data. This allows a user to measure, record, and view their oxygen and sleep data in real time.

The OxyKnight® Watch is a clinical grade HRPO (High Resolution Pulse Oximeter), designed to provide continuous oxygen monitoring for individuals with snoring, sleep apnea, COPD, AFib, or other respiratory related health conditions.

OxyKnight Watch Pulse Oximetry Mobile App

The OxyKnight® Watch’s innovative design ensures the device is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Additionally, the user interface of the device and app, were designed to be intuitive and simple, making both incredibly easy to use.

Designed for both at home, or on the go continuous monitoring, OxyKnight® Watch is a cost-effective remote monitoring solution for both patients and medical professionals who need to monitor chronic respiratory conditions or sleep disorders.

In-App Reports

Our app automatically generates in-depth reports on a user’s sleep data.

These reports include:

  • ODI (Oxygen Desaturation Index)
  • Pulse Rate
  • Sleep Quality

The app, as well as the device itself, can also alert users and their loved ones to any critical changes in oxygen levels.

These reports can then be shared with your physician or family members with one single click. Never worry about printing or emailing your reports again.

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