CMI Health at Consumer Electronics Show 2023

CES® 2023 Recap | CMI Health

  • 13 January, 2023
  • Dallas Akins


CES® 2023 started our new year off with a bang! Our team had a fantastic time exhibiting at this year’s show in Las Vegas. From getting to debut our new app, AsthmaGo™, to meeting tech industry leaders and learning about the latest industry innovations, we can’t wait for next year! Gideon Frazier, our resident IT and Technical Support Specialist, reports back with his biggest takeaways from the show. 


What has your experience been like attending CES® 2023? 

"It was an amazing time! Whether we were speaking with potential partners and customers or wandering the enormous halls stuffed with emergent tech it was an amazing experience. One of the coolest parts of attending this show was the sheer amount of diversity. From CEO’s to regular attendees, the show was a melting pot of people in the tech industry from all over the world!"


Which of our products were you most excited about showcasing and why? 

"Our AsthmaGo solution of course! There’s no better way to monitor your lung health and track your Asthma symptoms from home; connecting all our devices into a single application and giving our customers the confidence and control to take their symptom monitoring into their hands. Of course, the technology of our digital Spirometer is unlike anything else on the market so it’s always fun to talk about cool technology at CES®."


What important insights about the tech industry did you learn at CES® this year? 

"Among other trends such as EV and the need for renewable energy resources, the telehealth field has never been more active and needed. It’s important to take care of yourself; especially if you’re not able to see, or don’t have access to, a doctor. It was really fascinating to see all the different avenues available for everyday consumers to take charge in taking care of themselves." 


What do you think the most beneficial thing about attending CES® is?  

"Making the public aware of our solutions and meeting colleagues in the industry was, in my opinion, the most beneficial part of attending CES®. It’s important to let people know about your product of course, but it’s also important to let potential business partners know that we have a device or a solution that can help them as well. Whether they need a solution that we have or whether we can mutually benefit each other, and in doing so, help the people who need it." 


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CMI Health at CES Show 2023CMI Health Booth at CES 2023
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