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What is AsthmaGo®?

AsthmaGo® is a home asthma self-management solution consisting of smart, home-use medical devices and a mobile application. When paired with CMI Health devices, the user can seemingly measure, organize, and share their pulmonary condition, which provides a complete picture of health conditions in both real-time and over time.

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Asthma doesn’t have to take over your life, download AsthmaGo® today!

 AsthmaGo® is an all-inclusive, at-home Asthma monitoring app that is revolutionizing the way we approach lung health. CMI Health, inc. created this holistic and remote asthma management solution by leveraging our expertise in producing high-quality and affordable telemedicine solutions.

 AsthmaGo® users can easily get a clear and accurate view of their daily lung performance through data tracked within the app. 



  • SpiroLink® is a Bluetooth and Mobile App compatible, FDA Cleared, smart digital spirometer designed to measure peak flow, FEV1, PEF, and more.
  • SpiroLink® uses a pressure sensor, making it less susceptible to damage from debris, dirt, or mucus blown into the spirometer during use. 
  • Users can easily access their health data from the SpiroLink® app, allowing them to make critical health decisions in real time.
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OxyKnight Watch

The OxyKnight® Watch is a smart sleep oximetry monitor that seamlessly measures, organizes, and manages data in conjunction with our mobile app.


OxyKnight® Watch

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The CMI Health PC-60FW is a Bluetooth and Mobile App compatible, clinical grade Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. This compact and lightweight device is built for portability and durability.

Fingertip Oximeter

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