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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter PC-60F

ACCURATE, RELIABLE READING IN SECONDS: FDA Certified. Accurately measures Spo2, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index, Pulse Bar, and Waveform at home or in healthcare facilities.

AUDIBLE & VISUAL NOTIFICATIONS: The device will audibly and visually notify user automatically when the SpO2 or pulse rate values exceed preset limits.

BUILD-IN MEMORY: Collect up to 12 groups of SpO2 and Pulse Rate data. Easily access historical data with one click.

INCLUDED: Fingertip Oximeter; 2 AAA Batteries; A lanyard for convenience.

CMI Health Oximeter Buying Guide

Power Type:

Rechargeable (PC-66L) – recommended for home use and continuous monitoring

Battery (PC-66H) – recommended for professionals and spot checking on the go

Sensor Type:

Adult Finger Clip #09 – included in both PC-66H and PC-66L package, good for spot-checking

Adult Soft Silicon #84 – good for continuous monitoring

Pediatric Finger Clip #15 – good for spot-checking children

Pediatric Soft Silicon #75 – good for continuous monitoring children

Infant Foot Wrap #72 – good for measuring infants, replace the foot wraps every 2-3 weeks

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