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Handheld Pulse Oximeter Sensors 

For reliable and accurate oximetry results, CMI Health, Inc. offers Pulse Oximeter Sensors for all your oximetry needs. We offer sensors for all ages (newborn – pediatric – adults) for spot-checking and continuous monitoring applications. With our premier, reusable handheld Pulse Oximeter Sensors, you can expect the same consistent and precise oxygen saturation levels readings CMI Health, Inc. has come to be known for. Our pulse oximeter sensors function by utilizing small beams of light that scans an individual’s pulse and accurately returns a measurement of the blood oxygen levels within their body.

CMI Health, Inc. supplies our consumers with a safe and secure space to purchase reliable oximetry device sensors and accessories online. Perfect for at-home caregivers or healthcare professionals within every field.

If you are in need of specific information on selecting the right sensor for your Pulse Oximeter, you can check out our Pulse Oximeter Sensor guide here.

Sensor Type:

Adult Finger Clip #09included in both PC-66H and PC-66L package, good for spot-checking
Adult Soft Silicon #84 – good for continuous monitoring
Pediatric Finger Clip #15 – good for spot-checking children
Pediatric Soft Silicon #75 – good for continuous monitoring children
Infant Foot Wrap #72 – good for measuring infants, replace the foot wraps every 2-3 weeks

For specific questions or comments regarding any of our Sp02 Sensors, or any products we offer, including our handheld Pulse Oximeter Sensors, contact us today!

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