Our Mission:

CMI Health, Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative, convenient, and affordable patient monitoring devices and cloud-based solutions for medical professionals in healthcare facilities and consumers at home.


Where We Were:

CMI Health, Inc. was founded in 2013 by partners with over 30 years of experience in the medical devices and insurance industry.

We started as an FDA & CE certified medical device manufacturer and distributor to clinics, emergency medical services, and hospital groups.

Since 2015, CMI Health began providing our clinical-grade, reliable, and accurate medical devices directly to consumers via our online store and various eCommerce partners such as Amazon.


Where We Are:

Today, we are proud that thousands of our devices are trusted by nurses, pediatricians, physicians, dentists, first responders, and caregivers.


Where We Will Go:

With the need for remote patient monitoring increasing due to the growing aging and chronically ill patient population, telemedicine is becoming a more convenient and more cost-effective method of care.

Our smart medical devices will be able to integrate with telecommunications technologies to monitor patients in real-time and expedite the transfer and sharing of patient data to healthcare professionals, providing caregivers and patients with dependable information.

innovative, convenient, and affordable patient monitoring devices
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