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Now available for purchase - blood glucose meter - Smartest Persona II

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PC Software (only supports Windows 7/8/10/11)

  • Oximeter Data Manager, (V6.3.0.0 Updated on 08/26/2022), good for
    • Smart Home Sleep Monitor PC – 68B
    • Handheld Pulse Oximeter PC-66B/H/L

Note: The download link may trigger an alert from the PC security software. Please choose “Allow” or “Trust” when prompted. If the above link does not work for your PC when double-clicked, right click on the downloaded Oximeter Data Manager, select Mount, select Open, and run Setup.exe to install. During the software installation, please select YES when prompt to install the PL-2303 Driver. Please contact us if you have any question about the software installation. Our tech support will be happy to help you. (Email to info@cmihealth.com or Call Toll-Free 888-985-1125)


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