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Capnography Monitors and Accessories

CMI Health, Inc. offers a growing selection of Handheld Capnograph devices and accessories. Whether you are a healthcare provider or an at-home caregiver, our capnography monitors and accessories make monitoring a patient’s End-Tidal CO2, respiratory rate, and pulse oximetry easy and accurate.

Our catalog of capnography monitors and accessories includes our portable PC-900B Handheld Capnograph and Oximeter which allows for continuous monitoring or routine spot-check. This portable device conveniently monitors the concentration of EtCO2, respiration rate, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation (SPO2). CMI Health, Inc. also offers a variety of accessories including Airway Adapters for the PC-900BFinger Clip SpO2 Sensors, and more to assist you in precisely monitoring and caring for the respiratory health of your patients or loved ones.

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