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  • 01 December, 2022
  • Dallas Akins
How We Celebrated National COPD Awareness Month 

 For National COPD Awareness Month, we are happy to announce that we are donating five of our SpiroLink® devices to Birdie’s Haven, a free medical clinic in Punxsutawney, PA. We are donating to Birdie’s Haven with the hopes of spreading COPD awareness, and maybe inspire others to help the cause! Birdie’s Haven is a nonprofit that focuses on providing high-quality medical care for free. We chose Birdie's Haven due to the great work they do in their community and how they really want to help people that have fallen through the cracks in our healthcare system. Their mission is so admirable and takes a huge burden off the backs of hardworking families. You can find more information about their nonprofit here:  


Their Story 

Birdie’s Haven asked us to share this written statement on their behalf, explaining their nonprofit work in more detail. “Birdie's Haven Free Medical Clinic is meeting a great need in our community.  People need affordable health care, and we are providing that health care for free.  It’s not just needed for the lower income families, but also for the families who make too much for medical assistance, and have to decide between getting quality health care, buying food, or paying their electric bill.  It also helps those who may have a high deductible that is hard to meet, by giving them somewhere to go for free, when they may normally choose not to go somewhere for care due to the cost. 


All visits are 100% free.  We do not charge anyone one dime to be seen at the clinic, nor do we ask them any income-related questions in order to be seen.  We have a great core of volunteer Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses along with a slew of volunteers that serve in the clinic. We provide primary, preventative, and acute care.  Our volunteer providers can provide referrals if needed, as well as prescriptions.  We even offer a discount option for the prescription if needed with a local pharmacy. 


The clinic is currently open two to three times per month at this point.  We would love to obtain more medical volunteers at some point to allow us to expand our services to more times per month, thus allowing us to serve more people in need within our community.   


Birdie's Haven is named in honor of Roberta “Birdie” Garvey who was a long-time nurse serving at Punxsutawney Hospital, and a very active member of our church until she died over a year ago.  She loved helping people and always wanted to do more. By naming this after her, her love for helping people will continue to live on through this free medical clinic” 


Why COPD Awareness Matters 

Spreading COPD and other chronic illness awareness is so important to us at CMI Health. COPD awareness can encourage people with symptoms to seek help earlier, as an estimated 14 – 22 million people don’t know that they have COPD. The earlier people receive treatment for COPD, the better their quality of life. Educating people that don’t have COPD on the risk factors, like smoking and air pollution, that cause the disease is crucial in decreasing the prevalence of this illness.  

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