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  • 09 March, 2022
  • CMI Health Inc

What is Telehealth? 

For most people in the twenty-first century, daily contact and digital interaction, via mobile phones or laptops, has become a crucial part of their daily life. Telecommunication provides us with the luxury of instant connection, resulting in the efficient utilization of time and resources. So, doesn't it make sense that we should utilize these technological advancements to improve the functionality of both in-office and at-home healthcare?

Telehealth is the use of communication technology and digital resources to access online medical services remotely (Mayo Clinic, 2020). It connects patients and their doctors with medical devices, smartphones, online portals, or health data tracking apps, providing a steady communication stream between users and doctors. Telehealthcare continues to expand its reach across a variety of platforms, allowing people both far and wide to benefit from its uses. Whether you are a physician looking to engage with clients or a patient seeking medical guidance, telehealth gives us the ability to stay connected. 

While the possibilities for telehealth range greatly, CMI is dedicated to providing users with reliable medical devices equipped with the ability to instantly connect to personal health applications (mobile apps). Such apps allow for the secure documentation and organization of personal health records and acquired data, providing consumers with the ability to manage their illnesses and daily treatment from the comfort of home. 

Staying healthy is more important than ever. Hospitals and doctors’ offices are expensive and overcrowded with coronavirus patients. It’s been challenging for patients to see their primary care physicians due to social distancing and the rapid spread of the Omicron variant

Need to see your doctor, but nervous about going? Thanks to telehealth, you won’t have to. Telehealth is fantastic for staying on top of your health using electronic communications and technologies.  

Examples of Telehealth services are remotely monitoring a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, and more. It connects patients and their doctors with medical devices, smartphones, or health data tracking apps, providing a steady communication stream between users and doctors.  


How Telemedicine Can Benefit You - CMI Health


Who Can Benefit From Using Telehealth?  

The need for remote patient monitoring rises during these unprecedented times. Telehealth provides a more convenient, safer, and cost-friendly way of staying on top of your health.  

Many can benefit from using Telehealth. For example:  

  • Those in rural areas or have limited access to specialized medical care.  
  • Those diagnosed with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases  
  • People who are caregivers for children or other family members  
  • People with limited physical mobility  
  • People with both chronic and acute illnesses 


Common Telehealth Use Cases  

There are many types of care you can receive with Telehealth. For example, if you struggle with:  

  • Asthma  
  • Back pain  
  • Diabetes 1 and 2 
  • High blood pressure  
  • Mental health  
  • Covid-19 monitoring  
  • Pulmonary monitoring 
  • Acute illness 


Telehealth can be used for all types of ongoing treatments, ranging from physical to psychotherapy to general health advice. Talk to your provider if Telehealth is right for you.  


Cost of Telehealth Care 

Costs vary depending on insurance, but Telehealth tends to be a much cheaper service than in-office visits. Whereas a personal visit can cost upward of $176, telehealth visits are much below that, such as $40 or $50 (Red Quill Consulting). It’s still essential, however, to exercise discretion by contacting your insurance company; they can point you in the right direction by choosing telehealth services suitable for you, so you don’t pay for a more expensive service.   


In addition, if you have Medicare due to COVID-19, you can now receive telehealth services regardless of where you live and get access to a healthcare provider or telehealth service from your smartphone. 


Mobile Applications and Telehealth  

Due to the Pandemic, mobile and health apps have increased use and popularity. 

These apps sync with FDA-cleared medical devices, which monitor patients in real-time and expedite the transfer and sharing of patient data to healthcare professionals, providing caregivers and patients with reliable information.   

These remote devices give patients faster access to care and medical providers, ensure medication adherence, and make monitoring your health more accessible. 


What CMI Health Offers  

CMI Health’s medical devices monitor patients in real-time and expedite the transfer and sharing of patient data to healthcare professionals, providing caregivers and patients with reliable information.  

Our products/apps, such as Spirometers, Pulse Oximeters, the OxyKnight Watch, and AsthmaGo, are examples of affordable, dependable ways to monitor your health.  

If you suffer from chronic respiratory conditions such as:  

  • Asthma 
  • COPD 
  • Chronic bronchitis 
  • Emphysema
  • Pulmonary fibrosis 


SpiroLink records your breathing at home, and you can contact your physician if a problem occurs.   Research indicates that Spirometers reduce pulmonary complications. They are a cost-effective device for patients with rib fractures, with clinical benefits without harmful effects (Trials, 2019). 

Unlike Spirometers, which monitor lung function, Pulse Oximeters mainly measure an individual's SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Perfusion Index. For example, if you're an intense athlete, recently undergone surgery, or recovering from an illness, it’s worth investing in a Pulse Oximeter.

For a Pulse Oximeter overnight, The OxyKnight Watch is an excellent choice for those who snore, have Sleep Apnea, or COPD. The watch monitors oxygen levels, pulse rate, heart rate, and sleep quality, conjoining data with our mobile app. It operates continuously without requiring the user to adjust settings throughout the night.   

By combining these three exceptional medical devices, users can get a clear and accurate view of their daily lung performance in one all-inclusive app called AsthmaGo. With this app, users can download and share their reports and respiratory trends with physicians remotely. AsthmaGo won third place in the IEEE Telehealth competition in its pre-launching phase. 

Have Questions? Feel free to contact us at info@cmihealth.com or 888-985-1125 (ext. 1). 

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