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  • 13 April, 2022
  • Dallas Akins

“As a mom of triplets born at 30 weeks, we are all too aware of how easily a child’s health can change. Lungs are so very important and one of the last things to fully develop during pregnancy.

My girls were on oxygen for the first couple months of their lives in the NICU. Now at 4 years old, my girls struggle with asthma, which causes their oxygen levels to drop anytime they have even the most basic common cold.

In June, one of my girl's oxygen dropped into the 80s so we took her into the ED. She was sent home from the hospital that night because by the time we got there, she was awake and SATS were in the 90s. We had to go back the very next day because again, I could not get her out of the 80s at home. The doctor wanted to send her home again because at the moment her oxygen was stable in the low 90s. I told them I just couldn’t take her home because I knew that as soon as she fell asleep her oxygen would drop.

I didn’t have a good continuous pulse oximeter and definitely no alarms during this illness and I was scared to death! Thank goodness they admitted her despite wanting to send her home, because my child was rushed to the PICU when her O2 dropped and they couldn’t get her oxygen out of the 70s.

After this, I knew I had to find a pulse oximeter that was capable of continuous monitoring and had alarms to alert me, if their oxygen dropped.

I found CMI and I am so thankful!

Last week my girls all came down with a cold. One of my girls began to show signs of her usual decline and I knew that we needed to monitor her. We used our CMI Health pulse ox and sure enough, as the sun went down… so did her oxygen.

She fell asleep and her alarms started going off every few minutes. I couldn’t get her out of the 80s and I knew it was time to take her in to the hospital.

Having this monitor, brings me so much peace of mind!

Any parent knows the fear of something happening while our babes sleep… and as a preemie mom… the fear of them stopping breathing while they sleep… well, it may be a bit irrational at 4 years old… but that’s ok… because my CMI Health pulse ox calms that fear.

I absolutely love being able to set your own parameters. My child’s heart rate is on the higher side, so being able to adjust for that helps a ton! I simply plug in our monitor, put the probe on my babe and go to sleep… knowing that if my child needs my attention, I will know.” 

- Caitlin Nichols, CMI Health Customer  


CMI Health’s PC-66L Handheld Pulse Oximeter 

The CMI Health PC-66L is an FDA Cleared, Digital Pulse Oximeter designed to monitor and measure Pulse Rate, Sp02, and Perfusion Index. Measuring this health data rapidly and accurately allows users to easily assess and make vital health-related decisions in real-time.  
PC-66L is our rechargeable pulse oximeter, making it a perfect fit for those who need a medical device for continuous health monitoring. That being said, the PC-66L can of course also be used in a spot-checking capacity. 

This handheld pulse oximeter is designed to work with a variety of sensors, including those for children and infants. To view our selection of pulse oximeter sensors, click here 


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at or call our customer service line at 888-985-1125 (ext. 1).  

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