Who Can Benefit From Using a Pulse Oximeter?

Who Can Benefit From Using a Pulse Oximeter? | CMI Health

  • 26 August, 2020
  • CMI Health Inc

Pulse oximetry is crucial to helping individuals determine how much oxygen they have in their blood and, thus, how well they’re taking in and retaining it for use. This information can help with different conditions and symptoms and can even prevent future ailments from developing. But because the benefits of using a pulse oximeter in your daily life are so diverse, it may be unclear who needs to use these devices the most. Learn who can benefit from using a pulse oximeter at home and how it can help them take control of their health.

Those Living With a Respiratory Disease

For starters, pulse oximeters are incredibly useful for those suffering from a chronic respiratory issue that needs frequent symptom management. Whether it be asthma, COPD, bronchitis, all of these conditions can prevent an individual from getting enough oxygen to properly sustain their bodies. This can result in serious lifelong repercussions when not monitored correctly. For this reason, doctors will often prescribe pulse oximeters to patients who have these ailments and use them to determine the course of treatment.

Individuals Recovering From Surgery

Pulse oximeters are also helpful for those in the process of recovering from a recent surgery. Oxygen deficiency is a very common post-surgical condition that stems from the use of anesthesia. Though anesthesia is necessary to make you unconscious for the procedure, it can also prevent proper ventilation and cause your overall oxygen levels to drop. Therefore, a vital part of recovery is getting this concentration back to normal and tracking your progress.

Children Ages 2 To 12

First-time parents often find that their young children can benefit from using a pulse oximeter. Even those who are born completely healthy can be susceptible to developing potentially life-threatening conditions with little notice. Because of this, it’s common for parents to purchase pediatric pulse oximeter sensors and regularly check on their child’s well-being. This can help ensure that they stay healthy during their crucial developmental years and gives parents some much-needed peace of mind.

Anyone Wanting to Monitor Their Health

But ultimately, pulse oximeter sensors can be used by anyone wishing to keep track of their overall health. Oxygen levels and pulse are two key vitals that doctors always check to determine a patient’s current physical status. So if you’re interested in gaining a better understanding of your own personal health day-to-day, this is a great place to start.

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