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Worried about lung health? Our SpiroLink® will give you peace of mind | CMI Health

  • 08 September, 2022
  • Dallas Akins
Worried about lung health? Our SpiroLink® will give you peace of mind.  

Since launching SpiroLink®, our digital smart spirometer, we have provided customers with precise, real-time respiratory measurements and data. SpiroLink® is specifically designed to be more durable and efficient due to its unique pressure sensing system. Keep reading to learn more about SpiroLink® and how it can help you keep track of your health. 

SpiroLink® is designed to measure Forced Expiratory Volume 1 (FEV1) in the first second you inhale, Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), and Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) through the exhaled air from your lungs. Digital Spirometers can detect significant lung obstruction and weakened breathing capabilities, which may be an indication of more severe problems. Those with chronic respiratory conditions, such as Asthma or COPD, can use our digital spirometer to monitor their breathing treatments and overall lung health at home. 


CMI Health - Managing Spirometry Function at Home
CMI Health - SpiroLink Spirometer Features and Functions


With the desire to create a long-lasting and accurate Spirometer, our SpiroLink® utilizes a pressure sensor, which can hold up against debris, dust, and mucus. An optional Filter Mouthpiece is also available. Using the Filter Mouthpiece further increases the lifespan of SpiroLink® and allows for greater ease in device cleaning and maintenance.  

The compact, lightweight, and portable design, along with the ability to connect to a mobile application, make SpiroLink® a convenient and affordable solution for on-the-go or remote pulmonary monitoring.  

With SpiroLink®, users can easily access their health data from the SpiroLink® app, allowing them to make critical health decisions in real-time. Additionally, SpiroLink’s® mobile application automatically builds comprehensive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports on a user's health data. This data can then be synced to the cloud, allowing users to share their results via Bluetooth or a patient and physician portal. For more information on SpiroLink®, click here. 


CMI Health - How to use a spirometer to manage your health
Why Real Customers Love SpiroLink® 

Life with a chronic respiratory condition, such as Asthma and COPD, can be extremely challenging. At CMI Health, we know how difficult it can be to feel in control of your health, which is why we created our digital smart spirometer, SpiroLink®. Our SpiroLink® provides you with accurate and timely respiratory measurements and data to help you manage your health from the comfort of your own home. SpiroLink's® Bluetooth capabilities also allow a user to easily track and save their spirometry data through the SpiroLink® app. 
Spirometry is an important clinical tool used to measure and test an individual’s pulmonary function. According to two Cleveland Clinic doctors, “Spirometry provides an objective measure of obstruction, which adds to the reliability of the diagnosis. Therefore, it should be done in all patients in whom asthma is suspected.” Monitoring daily vitals is an easy and efficient way to track lung function and maintain health awareness. By observing trends in respiratory health, users can identify key indicators of worsening symptoms before they become visible.  
Our goal is to ensure our products are consistently meeting customer needs and improving their management of lung health. CMI Health is proud to know our products are a great addition to many customers’ daily routines. Click here to learn what real customers are saying about SpiroLink®. 


CMI Health - SpiroLink Use Infographic
To find more information about our SpiroLink Apps, please click here. 


CMI Health - SpiroLink and Spirometry Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect or pair SpiroLink® to the App?  

To connect the SpiroLink® device, turn on the SpiroLink® device, open the SpiroLink® app, and select the Standard test tab. The device will automatically connect to the app. Note, you don't need to go into the phone settings to connect the device via Bluetooth, but you must have your location settings enabled. 


Can I use the SpiroLink® App without the device?  

You can use the SpiroLink® device without the app. You can use the SpiroLink® App without the Spirometer to view previously recorded data. But, to record data for future reference, you need to use a combination of the device and the app. 


How do I clean SpiroLink®? 

Please clean the surface of the device before using. Use cloth with alcohol to wipe the device first, then let air dry or wipe with a clean dry cloth. We recommend replacing the mouthpiece between each user and also use filtered mouthpiece to prevent debris and further damage of the device. Clean the mouthpiece with soapy water after use. 


What kind of data is stored on the SpiroLink® App? 

Data regarding test results for these main pulmonary functions:  
PEF (Peak Expiratory Flow), FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume in first second), FVC (Forced Vital Capacity). 


How do I share my health data? 

You can share a report by going to the report tab, selecting the report you want to share, scroll to the bottom of the report, select Review under the Pulmonary Function Report section, select the share icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then choose the method you want to use to share your report. 


To read more FAQs about our Pulse Oximeter Series, please click here 


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at or call us at 888-985-1125 (ext. 1). 


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