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  • 25 April, 2023
  • Dallas Akins


We are so excited to be taking part in the American Thoracic Society Conference this year and to be joined by clinicians, researchers, and leaders in pulmonary and patient care. The ATS Conference showcases the latest advances and discoveries in respiratory science, patient care, and global respiratory health. Our commitment to better patient experience and care truly aligns with the ATS values.


You can find key information regarding the show below: 

  • Dates: May 19th – 24th 2023 
  • Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC 
  • CMI Health Booth: #510 


This year we will be showcasing a few of our most innovative products that have a focus on respiratory and sleep health, like our AsthmaGo® app. AsthmaGo® is a mobile application designed to provide users with an all-in-one Spirometry and Oximetry solution for the management of chronic asthma. We have several devices that are specifically designed for at-home users who need an easy and reliable way to monitor and track their daily lung health parameters, and they are all fully compatible with our AsthmaGo® app. 

Below we have included a full in-depth look at our featured products for ATS this year. Go to to register today! 


Product Spotlight: 


CMI Health at ATS 2023


AsthmaGo® is an all-inclusive, at-home Asthma monitoring app that is revolutionizing the way we approach lung health. We created this holistic and remote asthma management solution by leveraging our expertise in producing high-quality and affordable telemedicine solutions. When paired with CMI Health devices, AsthmaGo® users can easily get a clear and accurate view of their daily lung performance through data tracked within the app. 


Key Features and Functions: 
  • All-in-One Asthma solution with home-use spirometer and oximeters 
  • Share reports and trends with physicians remotely and efficiently 
  • Low oxygen and high pulse rate alert for severe asthma attack 
  • Self-management for personal diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits 
  • Ability to take the Asthma Control Test™ (ACT)
  • Log daily symptoms, medication use, and more 
  • Adult and Pediatric use 
  • HIPAA Compliant 



CMI Health SpiroLink Spirometer, AsthmaGo Compatible


SpiroLink®, our digital smart spirometer, provides customers with precise, real-time respiratory measurements and data. SpiroLink® is specifically designed to be more durable and efficient due to its unique pressure-sensing system. Digital Spirometers can detect significant lung obstruction and weakened breathing capabilities, which may be an indication of more severe problems. Those with chronic respiratory conditions, such as Asthma or COPD, can use our digital spirometer to monitor their breathing treatments and overall lung health at home.  

For more information on SpiroLink®, click here!  


CMI Health OxyKnight Watch, AsthmaGo App Compatible


The OxyKnight® Watch is an intelligent sleep oximetry monitor that seamlessly measures, organizes, and manages data with our mobile app. Our pulse oximeter watch operates continuously without requiring the user to adjust settings throughout the night. It’s also exceptionally comfortable to wear, made with a soft, flexible fingertip cup and adjustable wrist strap for easy use.  

The OxyKnight® Watch is capable of clinical-grade HRPO (High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry) for individuals with snoring, sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory ailments. 


It monitors:   

  • Oxygen Levels   
  • Pulse Rate  
  • Sleep Quality   
  • Heart Rate  

For more information on the OxyKnight® Watch, click here! 


CMI Health PC-60FW Digital Fingertip Oximeter, AsthmaGo App Compatible


The CMI Health PC-60FW is a Bluetooth and Mobile App compatible Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. This compact and lightweight device is built for portability and durability. The PC-60FW is splash-proof, drop-resistant, and battery-operated, making it the perfect solution for on-the-go individuals who need a dependable and accurate health monitoring device. Our Fingertip Pulse Oximeter makes it easy to rapidly evaluate an individual’s blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. This helps users to identify oxygen-related health conditions. 


For more information on our Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, click here! 


CMI Health at ATS Tradeshow 2023

Don’t forget to register at today!    


CMI Health is a manufacturer of high-quality, reasonably priced smart patient-monitoring devices that are supported by a high-touch service team. Whether you're a patient, provider, or medical-equipment supplier seeking devices for pulse oximetry, capnography, or telemedicine, CMI Health can meet your needs. 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at or call us at 888-985-1125 (ext. 1)   


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