Make the Most of Summer Break with AsthmaGo® | CMI Health Blog

Make the Most of Summer Break with AsthmaGo® | CMI Health Blog

  • 05 June, 2023
  • Dallas Akins

Summer break brings endless possibilities for children to be active outside, but did you know that hot and humid weather can actually aggravate asthma symptoms? Supporting your child in managing their asthma poses challenges when their routine is disrupted, and it becomes harder to monitor their outdoor activities. With the help of AsthmaGo®, a comprehensive asthma management solution, families can confidently navigate the summer season while monitoring and managing their child's asthma, at home or on the go:  

  1. Personalized Asthma Action Plans: AsthmaGo® can help physicians create personalized asthma action plans by monitoring their child’s symptoms over time and sharing this health data with their physicians remotely. This plan acts as a roadmap for managing asthma and helps parents understand the steps to take in different scenarios, such as asthma attacks during outdoor activities or in response to changing weather conditions. By following this plan, families can ensure their child's asthma is effectively controlled throughout the summer, tailored to their child's specific needs.  
  2. Real-Time Asthma Monitoring: AsthmaGo®, with its user-friendly interface and seamless mobile access, allows parents to track their child's asthma symptoms at home, or on the go. By utilizing connected CMI Health devices, such as peak flow meters, like SpiroLink®, and pulse oximeters, families can easily track their child's lung function and medication usage. The data collected is seamlessly integrated into the AsthmaGo® platform, allowing parents to monitor trends, identify triggers, and make informed decisions about their child's asthma management.  
  3. Identifying Triggers: Summer activities and sports often involve exposure to potential asthma triggers such as pollen, humidity, and intense physical exertion. AsthmaGo® keeps parents informed about real-time air quality and weather conditions in their location. By staying updated on the Air Quality Index (AQI), parents can plan head to take appropriate precautions to mitigate their child's exposure to triggers. 
  4. Personalized Alerts: Using AsthmaGo® with CMI Health devices can help our users get the most out of the app. By syncing our devices, like the OxyKnight® Watch, parents can rest assured that they will be notified by personal alarms if their child’s pulse rate or blood oxygen levels rise or drop out of pre-defined thresholds. This real-time monitoring feature offers peace of mind and empowers families to take immediate action when needed.  

Using AsthmaGo®, parents can confidently navigate summer activities, sports, and adventures while prioritizing their child's lung health. By leveraging personalized alerts, weather integration, and real-time monitoring capabilities, families can rely on AsthmaGo® to effectively monitor and manage their child's asthma. Enjoy this summer with more fun in the sun, and fewer worries. Download AsthmaGo® today from the App Store or Google Play. 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at or call us at 888-985-1125 (ext. 1). 

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