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  • 04 December, 2020
  • Dallas Akins

Personal Testimonial from George and Shirley, real users of the

OxyKnight Watch

"My husband and I were both diagnosed with serious health conditions a few years back, his being COPD and mine being Sleep Apnea. Though I use a CPAP machine, I still get concerned about my oxygen levels throughout the night. After being diagnosed with COVID-19 in June, we were both frightened and concerned as to how we were going to monitor our health conditions. Hospitals would not admit us due to patient overload.

My granddaughter, a recent biology graduate, suggested we continuously monitor our health via a pulse oximeter. Due to our deteriorating conditions, she flew in to help take care of us. Though my condition improved, George's declined. One night, his oxygen levels dropped low enough to trigger the alarm. They were so low we were forced to call an ambulance. Without the alarm, we never would have known to call for help.

George was able to successfully recover over the next few weeks and I thank my granddaughter and her OK Watch for the chance to save my husband. We now both use the watch regularly, bringing the overnight data reports to our doctors for review." 

Shirley A., Cicero, Indiana

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