Benefits of Bluetooth Enabled Health Monitors

Benefits of Bluetooth Enabled Health Monitors | CMI Health

  • 05 May, 2021
  • Dallas Akins

In today’s busy environment, accessing vital information efficiently is becoming a necessity. Phones and apps are common in the American household, regardless of age or occupation. There are endless benefits to having information readily accessible at the touch of a finger.

Smart devices and applications in the healthcare world have begun to shift with this digital trend, integrating new technology that can simplify the home healthcare experience. CMI Health has compiled a quick list to outline some of the benefits associated with medical devices equipped with Bluetooth and mobile apps.

Benefits of Bluetooth Enabled Health Monitors 

  1. Ease of access
    • Once connected, users are able to easily view and manage their health information from an app. This allows them or their loved ones to monitor and measure their health condition in real time. App connectivity improves the at-home healthcare experience as it increases the flow and flexibility of user data.


  1. Data storage
    • Apps allow for data to not only be presented live, but also stored for long-term use and metrics. Long-term data storage can be used to evaluate trends in the user’s health or the efficacy of their medication(s) over time.


  1. Live health monitoring
    • Live health monitoring means that users will be alerted to emergency situations as they happen. In pulse oximetry, this may be a drop in SpO2 or pulse rate. Such information can be lifesaving and may alert the user to other potential health issues. This is very important to consider as drops in oxygen are not always immediately noticeable and may be a preliminary indicator of more serious health complications. worse health condition.


  1. Access to further health information
    • Health Monitors that pair with mobile apps can often provide further information regarding key metrics. For example, SpiroLink’s app provides users with key metrics and health information that is not readily available on the device alone. These beneficial features improve user experience and understanding of their health status.


  1. Transmitting patient or user information to physicians or loved ones
    • Having a compatible app means that users are better able to both store and share critical health information. Transmitting data through an app is a simple and convenient way of updating a physician of your health status overtime. Apps also often allow for PDF download of data which can then be utilized in whatever manor the user needs.
    • In some situations, sharing live medical data with loved ones is a necessity. For example, the Oxyknight Watch is a smart sleep oximetry monitor that seamlessly measures, organizes, and manages data in conjunction with our mobile app. Devices such as the Oxyknight Watch are able to alert loved ones in another room who are connected to the This feature allows them to monitor family or friends without being in the same room.


  1. Wireless connectivity
    • Wireless connectivity allows users to access and download health reports from their app. This eliminates the need for traditional data download cords!


  1. Health and Disease Management
    • For those who suffer from disease or health complications, having an accessible health monitoring app can help to alleviate many of their daily stresses. With an app, users can document their daily, weekly, and monthly health condition effectively, allowing them to accurately monitor their progress. This feature is especially helpful for those who are seeking to determine if their prescription regiments are efficacious or not. Reporting such information to physicians may also lead to a more constructive approach to dealing with certain health issues.


  1. Future Potential: Telemedicine Solutions
    • Devices, such as our PC-60FW, Oxyknight Watch, and SpiroLink, are equipped with Bluetooth features that allow for streamlined usage of the devices. Combining these medical tools has the potential to be used in outpatient telemedicine situations, allowing users and physicians to monitor patient health from the comfort of home. See the diagram below for an illustration of this process.
CMI Health Telehealth Solution
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