National Respiratory Care Week | CMI Health

National Respiratory Care Week | CMI Health

  • 24 October, 2022
  • Dallas Akins


Join us in celebration of National Respiratory Care Week this year on October 23rd to 29th! This week serves to remind us of all the importance of lung health and to appreciate the doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists who work tirelessly to help patients suffering from lung and breathing conditions. Respiratory Care Week not only shines a spotlight on respiratory therapists but also showcases efforts to reduce disabling lung conditions like Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The week is devoted to panel discussions and special events to help raise awareness about these devastating lung conditions.  
It's very important for all of us to know how to keep our respiratory health in top condition, and the awareness that this week brings is a literal breath of fresh air. Respiratory Care Week allows you to get a free health screening and talk with a respiratory therapist. The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) sponsors Respiratory Care Week and they have a variety of festivals with free screenings, panels, and more. Check with the AARC for a Respiratory Care Week event in your own community!  


The History Behind National Respiratory Care Week 

It took almost 40 years for Respiratory Care Week to come to fruition. It all started in 1943, when Dr. Edwin Levine established a training program for respiratory therapists in Chicago. Soon, more and more people wanted to help spread awareness about respiratory illnesses and the importance of respiratory therapists. By 1973, the organizations involved in this work became today’s American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC).  
Driven by the AARC, President Ronald Reagan issued a statement in 1983 declaring the last full week in October as National Respiratory Therapy Week. The declaration spells out just why this week is so important; “Chronic lung diseases constitute an important health problem in the United States. They afflict nearly 18 million Americans and cause nearly 70,000 deaths each year, many of which are the direct result of cigarette smoking.” Lung health issues can have devastating consequences, which is why we are so grateful that National Respiratory Care Week came into existence. 


How We Are Celebrating This Year! 

Due to National Respiratory Care Week, for the month of October, we are offering $10 off our SpiroLink®, as well as 20% off our Filter Mouthpieces! Just use the promo codes spiro10 for SpiroLink® and lungcare20 for our Filter Mouthpiece at checkout. We care about your lung health, and always want to provide our customers with the best tools possible for health monitoring and tracking. 

Click here to shop our SpiroLink and here to shop our Filter Mouthpiece. Keep reading to learn more about our products and how they can help support your lung health! 

Our digital smart spirometer, SpiroLink®, has provided customers with precise, real-time respiratory measurements and data. SpiroLink® is specifically designed to be more durable and efficient due to its unique pressure sensing system. Digital spirometers are an important tool for respiratory therapists and those that suffer from respiratory conditions. They can detect significant lung obstruction and weakened breathing capabilities, which may be an indication of more severe problems. Those with chronic respiratory conditions, such as Asthma or COPD, can use our digital spirometer to monitor their breathing treatments and overall lung health at home.  

The Y1 filter and M1 mouthpieces are designed for use with the CMI Health SpiroLink® smart spirometer. The filter and mouthpiece are for added seal and protection, preventing debris or fluid damage from occurring while using the device. This product is so important, as it allows for more accurate readings and can even help make your SpiroLink® last longer. Don't miss out on this convenient and effective solution for hygiene control while conducting rapid spirometry testing. 

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