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  • 15 October, 2021
  • Dallas Akins

At CMI Health we take our customers opinions seriously. Our goal is to ensure our products are consistently meeting customer needs, allowing for improved management of respiratory health. 

Since launching SpiroLinkour digital smart spirometer, we have been able to provide customers with precise, real-time respiratory measurements and data. This device is specifically designed to be more durable and efficient due to a unique pressure sensing system. Check out some of our recent SpiroLink customer reviews to see what others are saying. 

These are just a few of the reviews from satisfied SpiroLink customers! 

"My asthma took a turn for the worse and I needed to start monitoring my pulmonary function. I tried the less expensive types such as a simple mechanical one. I realize this is more money but it works much like the one they use at my doctors office. It syncs up with my android phone (it also supports apple) flawlessly. You can generate reports for the day, week and multiple weeks. It tracks am and pm readings so you can see how you are doing through the day.

I see my pulmonologist twice a year and when I do a pft it may not capture "bad" days. So this I will use this to keep track of trends by transposing my results into an excel spreadsheet. I will be showing the results to my pulmonologist. I really do like this tool" 

- Bolsen, Amazon Customer


"This device is small and easy to use. It has a removable mouthpiece. It is easy to clean. I had absolutely no problem setting up the app and connecting the device on my iPhone. If you are having trouble, you may need a newer phone or you may need to update to a newer operating system. Overall, I really like the device. It seems pretty accurate. Now I can track how well my breathing exercises are working. This was worth every penny.

- TosaTat, Amazon Customer 
"I was able to use this device daily and it gave my doctor all the data they needed. They were so happy to see that I went out on my own and got something to really show them what was happening when it started happening. I was able to get a diagnosis so much faster and didn't have to suffer as long.

The app was easy to use and there are so many features the app offered like being able to download data for my doctor. I also loved the additional details I could find in the app and if you have an iPhone you can link this devices data into your overall health app for a more streamlined experience.

If you aren't an app person you can get plenty of data from just the device and it stores several of the last sessions for you. You could bring the device into the doctor and show them the last couple of things if you needed to. The mouthpiece is a little tricky to line up and get on but nothing to rough. The device is super easy to operate and the manual is there if you need specific guidance.

I did try the machine a few times before two different doctors appointments and got similar numbers so I would say it is accurate. Overall I am very pleased with this device and would recommend it to anyone needing to track their lung function between doctors visits."

- Nicocallie, Amazon Customer

CMI Health is proud to know our products have been a great addition to these, as well as many other customers’, daily routines. Whether you are looking to track your symptoms or just monitor your overall health, our devices allow you to make informed health decisions. Our products are designed to provide you with the convenience and accuracy needed to effectively monitor your health.  

For more information SpiroLink, please contact us at info@cmihealth.com or call our customer service line at 888-985-1125 (ext. 1).  

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